Getting Started

Step 1 - Download & Install Litecoin

What is litecoin?
Litecoin is the software required to store your litecoins. It is your personal wallet. On this page you will need to pick the right software on the page, download and install it.
Download Litecoin Wallet for Windows Download Litecoin Wallet for Mac OS X Download Litecoin Wallet for Linux

Step 2 - Register and Login

Register, login and configure the following:
  • Your Wallet address
  • Your Workers
Register Now!

Step 3 - Worker Information

Enter your worker name then proceed to step 4.
Find your worker name address by clicking Account Settings > Miner Configuration.

Step 4 - Pick your mining software

There are many different types of mining software so lets help you decide what is best for you.
Mining Client
Ease of use
GPU Support
Stratum Protocol
Mac OS X

Step 5 - Configuring your mining software

  • Open Notepad
  • Copy Command Line below into notepad
  • Replace YourUsername.YourWorkerName (if required)
  • File >> Save As >>
  • Navigate to your mining software directory
  • Name it "Run.CMD"
  • Save it
  • Double click "RUN.CMD" to start mining!
cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u -p x -I 13
  • Copy a server region from below into the host field
  • Input '80' into port
  • Input your Username:
  • Input 'x' into password
  • Select your device (GPU)
  • Select GPU Defaults - Select your video card
  • Click Start
  • Click View >> Show Summary
  • If you see Accepted Shares your miner setup is complete!

Step 5.2 - Users with multiple GPUs

  • Click File >> New CGMiner
  • Name the miner anything you'd like
  • Repeat the instructions in Step 5.1 for as many video cards as you have
Global Geo-Load Balanced Server

Step 6 - Read our other resources to help you mine litecoins

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