Load Balancing

Customized load balancing ensuring fast speeds across servers.


SSL. OpenID. 2 Factor Authentication via Google.

DDOS Mitigation

Fail-safe server switching. Private IP Addressing. Cloudflare DNS Protection

Fast. 99.5 % Efficient.

We are like a well oiled litecoin mining rig. Currently running at 99.4617% Efficiency. With less than .01 Stales.

8 Server Farm

Load Balancing between each server.

172 Strong and growing!

Currently there are 172 miners hacking away at 145.179 M/Hash per second..

Low 2 % Fee. We are completely run from donations.

This pool is completely operated via donations. We heavily rely on donations so we do not take any fees for anything from your mining venture. Please note the 2% fee applies because sometimes we have orphan blocks.

Enterprise Ports

We support mining via ports: 80 , 443.

Dynamic Block Rewards

We reward/pay miners transaction fees from block rewards. Just like P2Pool.

What are you waiting for?

Mine litecoins with us!